Stitel Networks, LLC has highly experienced software development team to work closely with companies to develop Satellite Communication (SATCOM) product for land, air and sea. Our offering ensures shorter product development lifecycles, quicker time-to-market and lower development cost.


Our Technical Expertise
Innovation, proficiency, expertise! With these virtues we gained leadership in software development delivering ingenious solution for your success and reputation.


Our Few Key Projects
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Voice and Data Onboard Aviation Communication Gateway supporting Iridium, Yonder, Inmarsat, ISDN BRI, CEPT-E1 (Arinc 746), GPS and A429 interfaces.
Voice and Data Ground Communication Gateway supporting multiple SATCOM network interfaces with built-in High Availability / Hot Stand-by support.
Onboard IP PBX solution with multiple Iridium and ISDN interfaces including DSP integration for voice compression.
Onboard Email and ACARS solution supporting multiple Iridium and ISDN interfaces.
Onboard low-cost SMS/TEXT over Iridium and Inmarsat network interfaces using lowbandwidth algorithm.
Onboard FAX solution over Inmarsat and ISDN using special compression technique.
Avionics compatible Femtocell integration with
Onboard Captive Portal solution with fraction / progressive billing solution
Satellite based Secured VoIP and SMS mobile apps for iOS and Android with unique bandwidth optimum and compression technique..
Comprehensive Ground Billing system with progressive rating technique for VoIP and Data usage.