Seamless Aviation Network

Your business aviation clients want their communications networks to work securely and seamlessly from their aircraft. Today, these networks, though, are often built using multiple, disjointed components.

StitelNet can help. The AerosphereSuite is our patent-pending proprietary software, adaptable to your hardware and software systems, that provides military grade secured communications for business jets over satellite networks. It continuously  monitors network behaviors to adjust parameters within components to provide an end-to-end, seamless communications experience.

The Aerosphere Suite includes AerosphereView, an intelligent, real-time virtual operation center. It reports networks and aircraft equipment for management, reporting, maintenance and troubleshooting. It’s a fast, real-time, proactive problem solver that reduces technical support and operating costs and increases client satisfaction.

With AerosphereSuite, your customers can have a seamless and secured voice, data and video communication experience, and with Aerosphere View your operation team can manage and monitor the network at ease.

With AerosphereSuite we can help you to provide seamless flying experience to your customers.

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