IP2BRI (ISDN BRI to SIP Gateway)

IP2BRI is an advanced communication solution specially designed for Aviation industry that creates a bridge between ISDN BRI interfaces and next generation IP world. In order to support legacy systems it seamlessly integrates and extends all its IP based features to legacy system (ISDN BRI) via its array of low-level channel drivers and built-in hardware adapters on it’s Board. These channel drivers will act as a bridge / IP Adapter between the physical systems to next generation inbuilt IP PBX system.

This is specifically designed to integrate the industry’s existing Airborne IP Router for providing all the capabilities of interfacing with legacy airborne communication interface.

Add VoIP capability to any basic router + high speed satcom system combo (e.g. Inmarsat Swift 64, SBB, ViaSat Ka) or add VoIP to a data-only cabin network environments.

This gateway is ready to provide white label licensing for Airborne Router.

DO-160 Compliant

Ready for White Labeling


Hardware Details