Secure Voice & Text
 Smart Phone & Tablet Apps

AeroComm Secured Edition is the complete solution for trusted mobile communications, providing secure, real-time messaging, voice/conference calling, all protected by strong, authenticated, end-to-end encryption.

Smart Firewall Router
 High-End Cyber Security Solution

Smart Firewall Router is based on Stitel’s NEXT router solution that provides ultimate flexibility in connectivity for Defense or Govt. Aircraft, enabling robust and secure communications for Principals, Agencies, VVIPs and Crew.

Secure FAX
End-to-End High Secure FoIP Solution

sFAX uses secure and very light-weight protocols to reliably send faxes in real-time over any data connection (Internet, Cellular, and Satellite) while adding new VoIP features to the fax machine like automatic fax archiving and email notifications.